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I am guessing you have landed here after deciding you need to make a change or two…

Your body seems to complain more than it used to or just doesn’t do what you want it to, right? Perhaps you, like me have been diagnosed with an autoimmune or other debilitating disease and the medicos are telling you there is nothing to be done?

Well I am here to tell you that I did something to change my situation and I got my life back. Once I made the decision, it was actually pretty easy.

I have done all the research, hours of it and have come up with some basic health fundamentals that mean we can all live healthier and more active lives. Join me on the journey.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils and their benefits have been known about for centuries. They have been used widely for many years and are recently becoming popular again. They have many health benefits and can be used in cooking too. Find out more about essential oils and their amazing properties click below

Eating Better

What we put into our bodies as its fuel will have an impact on how it performs. Many people think that they are eating properly but don't realise that bodies react differently. Some bodies have intolerances or allergies. This means food have a really negative, and in some cases, deadly affect. Click below

Your Environment Matters - Time for Change

One aspect of day to day living that sometimes goes under the radar is our environment and the impact this has on our health. There are examples throughout the world of tribes being discovered who have no concept of certain diseases. How can this be? How can the West be so affected by some diseases and other civilisations be untouched by it? In my opinion, one of the reasons is environment and the things in our environment that are toxic to our bodies. We are surrounded by vehicles that spew out gases which strangle our immune systems. Most of us still use cleaning materials that contain poisons so harmful that they carry a warning to keep them away from children and animals. In some cases the water we drink contains products that our bodies are not meant to ingest in the quantities it has to.

I hope you enjoy the information you find here. My intention is that you discover something that helps you take control of your health and your wellbeing. If you require information on anything that isn’t to be found in these pages please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you and help answer any questions you still have.

It is important for me to point out that should you decide to embark upon any of the suggestions you find here it is always worth having a chat with your medical advisor just to be sure that you are not going to introduce something that will cause challenges with your current medications.

I wish you the very healthiest of lives from here on in.

Time to make a change?

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